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ARI’s launch featured in Axios

Today, Axios covered ARI's launch as the top story in their AI+ newsletter.
Picture of Eric Gastfriend

Eric Gastfriend

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Today, Axios covered ARI’s launch as the top story in their AI+ newsletter.

We launched with the mission of helping policymakers develop a thoughtful AI governance framework that protects the public from harm while continuing to foster innovation. As Ryan Heath of Axios AI+ put it, “the bipartisan group fills a new niche: It’s pushing a comprehensive set of shortcuts to AI rules, while not representing the interests of industry players or partisan groups.”


Additionally, the article lifts up ARI’s proposal to “start an AI Auditing Oversight Board — similar to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, a non-profit established by Congress — to ensure integrity in external AI audits.”


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